Urban Rhythm Factory Upgrades to AVID

Urban Rhythm Factory Upgrades to AVID

Urban Rhythm Factory (URF) was established in 1999, and proudly forms part of Urban Brew Studios. Located in Ferndale, Johannesburg, its studios focus on Audio Post Production (Final Mix, Sound Design, VO recordings, Foley etc.), Custom Music Composition/Production and Music Publishing. URF prides itself on delivering quality service to its clients, and having upgraded to new state-of-the-art facilities, is now equipped to expand its offering to an even larger market. 

Having chosen AVID throughout, URF’s studios now boast one of the largest and most sophisticated post production environments in Southern Africa, incorporating the latest technology available. Local distributors Wild & Marr were called upon to bring the project to fruition.

‘Wild & Marr was the obvious choice for URF when considering the importance of this upgrade.’ remarks Theunis du Toit, Music Manager – Head of Urban Rhythm Factory. ‘Their considerable expertise was invaluable in designing a holistic turnkey solution.’

The all-new Urban Rhythm Factory consists of the following:

  • 9 x Studios in total – each studio equipped with the latest industry standard AVID Pro Tools HD software and hardware (HD Native, HDX, Omni HD and MTRX), including Pro Tools AVID S3 and Pro Tools Dock consoles.
  • Each Control Room has its own primary booth/live room as well as the capability to “cross patch/receive signal” from the adjacent booth into the same Control Room, solving situations when there is a need to track/record two sources simultaneously whilst still needing separate control over each source.
  • 4/9 Studios are dedicated to Audio Post Production supported by AVID Pro Tools HD Native systems.
  • 5/9 Studios cater for Music Composition/Production enabled through AVID Pro Tools HDX systems and larger “live rooms” to accommodate instrument recordings such as drums and other acoustic or electric instruments.
  • 3/9 Control Rooms are also equipped and ready to accommodate 5.1 surround mixing productions.

‘Urban Rhythm Factory is the first Post facility to feature the new Pro tools MTRX.’ comments Ian Holden, Head of AVID Technical Support & Sales for Wild & Marr. ‘The MTRX is Avid’s newest I/O release that features a modular design capable of hosting a number of newer technologies such as MADI and Dante, as well as the ability to record up to 384khz DSD. It also includes Pro|Mon 2 giving you complete control over monitoring, talkback, summing and fold-down control whether you’re mixing mono or a 64-channel ATMOS mix. ’

Such was the scale of this project, that AVID France chose to send several of their senior delegates to South Africa for a tour of URF’s facilities. Those attending were:

  • David Marteau: General Manager France & Regional Sales, Director Southern Europe
  • Gonzalo del Val Hernandez: Iberia, Greece & Africa Sales Manager, Sales EMEA Southern
  • Thomas Lebreton: Avid Sales East & Southern Africa, Sales South EMEA
  • Jean-Gabriel Grandouiller: Pro Audio Sales – France

Equipment supplied:

  • Pro Tools HD Omni
  • Pro Tools HDX Cards
  • Pro Tools HD Native
  • Pro Tools Flagship MTRX I/O
  • Pro Tools S3 Console
  • Pro Tools Dock
  • Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Tascam Celesonic US20x20
  • Custom Neutrik Patch Bays