Ultra Events are Racked, Stacked and Ready-to-go with Shure QLXD

Ultra Events are Racked, Stacked and Ready-to-go with Shure QLXD

With the immense successes of the Shure QLX-D range of wireless microphone systems, Cape Town based company, Ultra Event Technical Solutions, affectionately known as ULTRA Events, have recently expanded their current inventory with more receivers, transmitters and antennae distribution systems.

The system purchased by ULTRA Events consists of x4 Shure QLXD Wireless Bodypack Receivers, x4 Shure QLXD Wireless Handheld Microphones, x1 Shure Ultra-Wide Band Antenna Distribution System and x1 Shure Active Directional Antenna.

The 24bit digital audio & wide frequency response captures the sound as clearly & accurately as it was produced. Confidentiality is secured via AES-256 advanced encryption that generates a randomized key for each use.
ULTRA Events owner, Costa Champanis extols “We have been using our Shure ULX systems for years and they have been very reliable. But we finally decided to take the leap to digital.”
“Shure QLXD was the natural choice for improved vocal tonality and signal accuracy.”

“The market purchases of Shure QLXD systems over the past two years haven’t skipped a beat. Local and international engineers agree that the transition to digital has elevated our platform to amazing new levels on stage and beyond.”

Their new Shure QLXD system made its debut at a live performance with Lira, followed by a corporate presentation with a combination of their 10 units working in harmony.
“We are ULTRA impressed with the performance our of new babies!” smiled Costa