Restaurants and bars are a modern day designer hub for social interaction, meetings and entertainment, requiring the audio and visual aspect to fit the interior décor aesthetically and functionally as part of the experience.
Understanding how these technologies complement and enhance the overall experience of these venues is key. Wild & Marr’s broad spectrum of products and services, in-house expertise and experience, enables us to provide the complete solution.

Completed Restaurant Installs by Wild & Marr:

    • Café del Sol

      Products Installed: JBL CONTROL-50, JBL CONTROL-40, JBL PRX710, PRX-715XLF, BSS BLU


    • Rim and Rubber

      Products Installed: JBL CONTROL-25, JBL PRX-710, Cypress Video Distribution, DBX Zonepro


    • Society Eatery Fourways

      Products Used: JBL CONTROL-50, Penton JD-40, Crown Xli, WMA T-2S02


    • Roof Top

      Products Installed: JBL CONTROL-28, JBL CONTROL-2P, Crown XLS, DBX


    • Dainfern Estate Club House

      Products Installed: JBL CONTROL-50, JBL CONTROL-40, JBL CONTROL-HST, JBL CONTROL-18, JBL CONTROL-28, JBL CONTROL-23, PRX-710, PRX-815XLFW, BSS BLU, Kanex ipstream


    • 86 Public

      Products Installed: JBL CONTROL-50, JBL CONTROL-31, JBL CONTROL-25, Crown XLS, DBX Zonepro