My Shure Success Story by Niels Nilsson

My Shure Success Story by Niels Nilsson

Hi, my name is Niels Nilsson.

My interest in Sound Engineering started way back in high school where I was part of the technical team lead Theo van As when he still worked for Gearhouse SA. The show we did was run with about 20+ Shure UC wireless beltpacks back then.

After high school I went on to study Advanced Audio Engineering. In 2007, I started freelancing for Gearhouse Group and that is where my career as an Audio Engineer ultimately kicked off.
I’ve done many shows ranging from corporate, theatre, local and international tours as either Systems Tech, Stage Tech, FOH or Monitor Engineer. Although I must admit that monitor land is still my favourite place to be.

These days I spend my time working as the Regional Operations Manager in the Western Cape for the Gearhouse Group’s Corporate arm, INHOUSE venue technical management. It is something I really enjoy.
Currently I don’t own any Shure products apart from my trusty Shure SRH440s as I have had a bit less need for gear due to my work. With the pandemic bringing events to a halt I recently started working on a podcast project called The Tech Within which you can find on Facebook and might just be in some need of new mics for in studio guest interviews… Mmmm, maybe some SM7Bs?

From massive concerts with URs to cycle races with ULXs and batteries that last days in those mics.

From using BETA52 and BETA91 on kick to SM81 on hats and SHM on overheads.

Shure just works.

My success story as I remember it is the singer was using a wireless SM58 mic, and as the singer lowered her hand, the background dancer behind her mistakenly kicked the mic out of her hand and into the crowd. After the recovery of the mic, although a bit battered and bruised it was still working.

It might be not as legendary as the tour bus that drove over the SM57 that still worked. But that’s a story for another day.