JBL VTX A12s boost Murangi Productions to A+

JBL VTX A12s boost Murangi Productions to A+

Johannesburg based, professional sound, AV, lighting and staging company Murangi Productions have recently taken a leap in technology with their purchase of the highly acclaimed JBL VTX A12 Line Array System.

Murangi Productions owner, Hendrick Nemalili, being a musician, sound engineer and business owner could not contain his excitement with this new addition to his ever-growing itinerary. Hendrick, a well-known industry expert, respected for putting his clients’ needs first expects the same from his suppliers.

“Firstly, without God, none of this would be possible. He is my CEO and to him I give all the glory for the success of Murangi Productions.” exuded Hendrick

“We started in 2004 with only 2 JBL EON15 G2 Powered Speakers, humble beginnings indeed” smiled Hendrick. “Fast-track to 2007, and the addition of JBL MPRO loudspeakers and an additional 2 JBL EON G2 Powered Speakers, business was beginning to grow.”

One of the early adopters of JBL VRX 932LAP reinforced by JBL VRX918S subwoofers and Crown I-Tech amplifiers in 2010 signified a step-up to the bigger leagues. During 2010, Hendrick commissioned a JBL Vertec VT4888 DP-DA Line Array system. It was a case of love at first listen and shortly thereafter Murangi Productions became an official JBL Vertec user with their very own Vertec VT4888DP-DA system, completely comfortable with the performance of the system Hendrick had just commissioned.

Going on to acquire 16 JBL PRX615 and later 8 JBL PRX715 to bolster his portable PA and stage monitor applications, Hendrick has never looked back.

“In 2013 I invested in the Soundcraft Vi3000 digital mixing console which was now required to meet the technical requirements of the more complex shows we were undertaking. This was quite an upgrade to my Soundcraft Si mixer”, laughs Hendrick.

“The support I get from Wild & Marr as an individual and as the Murangi brand has been phenomenal. Starting with the MD, Joe Copans to Darren Durbach and everyone at Wild & Marr, the relationship is not only business orientated but an extended family. At Wild & Marr I feel at home. As much as there are many products out there, the support I get from “home” is what matters the most.” explained Hendrick.

Technical Director at Murangi Productions, Rokunda Netshiluvhi who has been with Murangi for the past four years is very excited by the opportunities the JBL VTX A12 brings. “To me this symbolizes growth, even our clients will see that we are playing with big boy’s toys now. We bring a greater appeal to our clients and we are now able to cater for larger events with massive audiences. We are taking these A12s to a show in Botswana called Spirit of Praise, so we are putting them to work straight away”, says Rokunda (Netshiluvhi).

Murangi Productions Financial Manager Ndivhuwo Nemalili added: “This addition is a big achievement for Murangi and I believe that we will see higher profits from our events and rentals going forward.”

Glowing with pride, Wild and Marr’s Managing Director Joe (Copans) added: “Hendrick is a well-respected Sound Engineer and businessman in the industry. He worked for us diligently for 10 years and it is great to support him in his journey and watch his company (Murangi Productions) grow from strength to strength. We are confident that our product will be used well and the JBL brand will be well represented.”

Summing up the deal, Wild & Marr’s Sales and System Engineer, Darren Durbach concluded that: “Murangi appreciates the value proposition that JBL VTX will bring to his company. VTX A12 is an astonishing new technology brought out by JBL, it performs extremely well, and I think Hendrick will get many years of good service from this product. I believe that when he starts using the product that he and his clients will be astounded by the quality it delivers.” “Now we start working on Hendrick to buy some JBL G28 Dual 18″ Subwoofers”, joked Darren (Durbach).

“I am extremely impressed with the JBL VTX A12 Line Array System. I can say this with no shadow of doubt that this is the best system in the market.” concluded Hendrick after the Spirit of Praise show.