From the First & Last Leader in Networked AV: How to Distribute Networked AV Over 1 Gbps

From the First & Last Leader in Networked AV: How to Distribute Networked AV Over 1 Gbps

Distributing 4K60 over 1 GB Networks

“Distributing video, especially in resolutions such as 4K/UHD, requires a tremendous amount of bandwidth. 4K60 video (2160p60), requires 12 Gbps of bandwidth to support a full colour image with no compression. When compared to 1080p – only 3 Gbps uncompressed even at 60 frames per second and full colour…” The Application Brief Distributing 4K60 over 1GB Networks dives deeper into this discussion. Here are some additional excerpts:

  • “While there are options for IP video distribution over 10 Gigabit networks, such networks have significantly greater hardware costs, and distribution over existing networks becomes all but impossible in most cases….”
  • “Using the low-latency, high-fidelity JPEG2000 codec within the N2400 Series, it becomes a much more standard and cost effective solution, because it can use standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet switches without a visible loss in quality.…”
  • “By combining the advantages of low-bandwidth transmission with the use of a high-quality codec, professional-quality video can be distributed throughout a campus in a cost-effective manner…”

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4K Ultra HD Over IP Series

Our 4K encoders/decoders support streaming resolutions up to 4096×2160. More details.

In-Room Video Over IP Series

Local AV over IP switching of minimally compressed IP format video. More details.

LAN Video Over IP Series

Utilizes JPEG 2000 compression for HD, cinema-grade video distribution. More details.

WAN H.264 Video Over IP Series

Uses standard H.264 to extend our networked AV solutions to the WAN. More details.

Windowing Processor Series

Combine multiple video feeds from the network into a single video output. More details.

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