Driving through lockdown with Wild & Marr

Driving through lockdown with Wild & Marr

The nationwide lockdown was a necessity. What was also a necessity was that the time spent in lockdown be productive and an opportunity.

In the very first company video conference the gauntlet was laid down for Team Wild & Marr… “What can you achieve with the time you will have available?” was the question asked. The response was immediate and powerful. All were surprised by the sheer focus on personal and professional development demonstrated by our people during the global pandemic.

We found members of our retail sales team taking a deeper dive into the technical side of training, even going all the way up to Dante Certification Level 3.

The commercial audio and voice evacuation team became certified in networked AV, conference room design and even up to expert level on JBL’s Performance Manager and Line Array Calculator applications.

A member of our regional office administration found a love for the sales and technical side of the business racking up so many courses on Shure’s Audio Institute she attained an integrated systems level 2 and a Wireless Workbench 6 certification which is no easy feat.

Members of the technical team, specialists in Shure conferencing are now certified Harman Control Professionals by accreditation of Harman Professional University. So far, since the lockdown started, Team Wild & Marr collectively, have achieved over 150 certifications and attended over 100 webinars.

Managing Director, Gary Furman commented: “You can be driven into lockdown or you can drive through lockdown. To the individuals in Wild & Marr who have absolutely hit the ball out of the park with the amount of certifications you have been awarded, knowledge you have gained and goals you have achieved…I say well done….awesome job! You are not the same person you were a few weeks ago. In the face of adversity, you have become better and more accomplished as individuals and as a team.”

The main aim of all of this is to be of better service to you, our customers. We are now able to return to work albeit limited to a number of sectors. Our collective goal at Wild & Marr is to represent the brands we distribute in the best possible way we can, providing the levels of knowledge and quality of service our customers expect of us. And now we are more able to do so than ever before.