Crown IT-4x3500HD: Power to the people

Crown IT-4x3500HD: Power to the people

Some like horsepower, some like political power and nobody likes no power with load shedding.

Well, we like sound power and you see these amps in the image below, well these are no ordinary amps.

In fact, what makes these amps so special is REAL power because this unassuming stack of amps represent 335 200 watts of Class-I Crown Power at 4 ohms (20Hz-20kHz).
For those who prefer to see their power specifications in 20-millisecond bursts, as some manufacturer’s quote theirs, then this represents 592 000 watts at 4 ohms (1kHz). Impressed yet?

What makes this stack of amps even more special? Well, they aren’t lounging around in some warehouse overseas. They’re at our warehouse in Johannesburg.

What makes them even special? That most of them are already sold! (See we told you they aren’t ordinary loungers)

So, are you looking for massive power and control in a compact package?

Well, look no further than Crown’s IT-4x3500HD amplifiers at your friendly neighbourhood Wild & Marr.