BW Broadcast FM Transmitters and Encore

BW Broadcast FM Transmitters and Encore

BW Broadcast provide innovative low-power FM transmission equipment, Audio Processors for FM, AM, and a range of other cool broadcasting equipment. Thier products are used by small and large stations worldwide and are field-proven in even the harshest environments.

V3 Transmitter range

The V3 Transmitter range redefines low power FM Transmission like no other product out there. You won’t find another FM transmitter that offers this level of refinement in such a compact footprint. The versatility of these Transmitters means ultimate flexibility for the future of your station.Offering even more features than ever before, the V3 FM Transmitter range has been our bestselling Transmitter ever. Product evolution means we are able to offer you even more standard features than ever before!

When designing the new V3 range, we listened to what customers really wanted. The V3 offers a premium product line with enhanced capabilities including:

  • DDS Exciter
  • SFN Capability
  • Hot pluggable power supplies
  • Integrated digital multi-band audio processor and stereo encoder with composite clipper
  • RDS generator
  • AES, analog L/R and 2 configurable composite program inputs and outputs
  • Digital MPX/Composite input over AES192
  • Operation over a wide range of voltage and power stability conditions
  • Full remote control capability including: Web-based HTML GUI interface SNMP, RS232,Parallel control/monitoring, Extensive Fault, Warning and Operational parameter logging.

Now available in 30W, 50W, 150W, 300W, 600W, and 1000W with more models being introduced soon.


Designed not only to look great, the industry-leading Encore range covers all your bases! Award winning solutions, premium design and build quality mean we have a product suited perfectly for you.

The Encore range includes Audio Processors, Re-Broadcast receiver, Modulation Monitor, Stereo Encoder/Decoder, Ariane Leveler

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