Audio One Gives Wild & Marr a Five Star Rating!

Audio One Gives Wild & Marr a Five Star Rating!

“During the past few months we have started a new sound rental company and have been in and out of Wild & Marr with various purchases to add to our range, some issues with some of our gear that have been solved, great & friendly customer service, a call- out and some great advice to say the least.

We just thought to let you know that we have the utmost gratitude towards your company and all your employees. We can’t begin to comprehend how you have managed to employ such a great team at Wild & Marr. You can be very thankful and grateful for all the hard work your team does.

The customer service has been exceptional, EVERY single time dealing with you. If only every business was a Wild & Marr. It seems to us as if you are a one of a kind A++ company!

In no particular order:

A special thanks to Cecelia and Gail at reception for taking our calls and for always being so friendly and welcoming, even after sometimes calling them 2-3 times a day!

Another shout out and thanks to Leletu and Stephen for always having things ready and in order for us, pulling strings at the last minute and making sure our needs are satisfied. The most professional advice and a great insight into the industry from your knowledgeable crew has really jump started us in the right direction and has shown what you guys are capable of doing, not only for W&M, but for your customers too, which is NB!

Thanks as well to Vianney and Zeid for their great customer service, friendliness and their passion for the work they do. They are always on top of things, are always willing and able to help- and is a pleasure dealing with them, again, EVERY single time. Another thanks to everyone else that we see around who we haven’t interacted with personally. We have no doubt their standards are as high as the above mentioned.

A special thanks to Raymond, for keeping things going and sharing your vision and keeping the Wild & Marr ethos alive at the core of a 11/10 company. Keep it up and well done for an amazing accomplishment…Thus far!

We’d appreciate it if you could tell everyone at Wild & Marr to keep on doing what they are doing! The team should be applauded and recognized for their hard work, and for their dedication to the Wild & Marr brand.

We are looking forward to dealing with you in the near future and to continue to build a strong relationship with you guys!

The Audio One Team”

To the Audio One Team, thank you for your amazing review! We look forward to doing business with you in the near future.